Mary Sue: Discussed in Chapter 3

One Choked On His Rage: answer Michael Jones is poisoned after drinking a toast from a tampered champagne glass. One Tripped Over Themselves: answer Gavin Free and his clone literally bump into each other over […]

And they got here, and they got drunker!

In the Anime series, the Milky Holmes are now established detectives after successfully solving many cases and are universally admired by the students of the academy and the city of Yokohama. That’s before losing their […]

As a result, he is transferred to Midgard, an all girls school

The Star Scream: Hellebore and a few other of the highest fairy lords to Oberon and Titania. When the King and Queen were exhausted following the last Giant War, the fairy lords struck and sealed […]

He was voiced by Roscoe Lee Brown in Spider Man: The Animated

This shirt smells like Indira Gandhi’s thong.” Omniglot: Seems to be a standard bit of ISIS training, leading to a lot of Bilingual Bonuses. Archer is near fluent in Russian (although his pronunciation is abysmal), […]

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Election preparations start in conflict SANAA (Reuters) Yemen has begun a publicity campaign to get citizens to vote in the upcoming presidential election, officials said on Monday, part of a deal buy canada goose jacket […]

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